As a 100% female-owned company, we place great importance on the benefits physical activity have in our team’s quality of life. We share FitSpirit’s values of believing in yourself, supporting one another, surpassing your limits and having fun. Our fit, in collaborating with FitSpirit, is really quite natural!

Throughout this project, Cabana Séguin is donating its branding, graphic design and communication expertise. Our mandate is the redesign of visual identification for FitSpirit’s Mother/Daughter Relay and Father/Daughter Ball. Our objective is to encourage and support the FitSpirit mission driving the organization for some 13 years.  

● Inspiring teenage girls to become physically active throughout their lives

● Creating unforgettable experiences for them

● Building a community of inspirational, committed individuals around them

This year, Cabana Séguin will join other supporters of FitSpirit, and collaborate on a collective communication offensive. 

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About FitSpirit

FitSpirit develops partnerships with schools, offering dedicated physical activities for girls, designed to help them thrive and move towards a healthy and active lifestyle in the long term.

FitSpirit transforms each activity into unforgettable experiences for the girls with support from its inspirational, committed community. At the heart of every FitSpirit activity, we find friends, role models and lots of fun! Through this winning combination, this organization has touched the lives of over 185,000 girls, ages 12 to 17, since its founding in 2007.
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In 2019

• 12,000+ young Canadians participated in FitSpirit activities

• 600+ donors supported FitSpirit, contributing to young Canadians’ well-being

• 400+ ambassadors and volunteers were actively involved in the FitSpirit community

• 285+ schools developed partnerships with the organization

Mylène Bidoyet, Project Director
(514) 285-1311, ext 33