Caféine Pushers disrupts, confirming its desire to be uniquely memorable.

This new Montreal-based coffee brand stands out with its rebellious style and full-bodied expertise. Laurent and Taïna, the co-founders of the company, were looking for a mind-blowing brand identity that would highlight the addictive effects of coffee by musically capturing the brand’s essence and linking it to the specific character of each blend.

We created a visual identity with a logo that may be disturbing to some, but clearly resonates with others.

One thing is certain: it’s controversial! What’s more, the graphic platform adds an exhilarating, addictive vibe.

Our distinctive, hypnotic, almost provocative graphic design clearly conveys everything the brand stands for. The logo emphasizes the stimulating effects of coffee by using an eye with an extremely dilated pupil (excitement, like a psychoactive substance). The use of the intense red incites emotion and the radiance plays on the excitement and sense of urgency associated with drinking coffee.


At Les Entreprises Houle Inc., a female-owned and run family construction business, this summer was the perfect time to modernize their visual identity and brand image so they would better align with a wider range of services.

We created a luminous logo inspired by topographical maps representing the earth’s surface, targeting the core businesses of the company: excavation and civil engineering.

Through typography and the use of complementary colours, our new brand image reveals the company’s human touch; at Houle, employees and their safety are paramount. The brand-new identity is truly distinctive from that of the competition, promoting the importance of ecology and the core value of trust, the foundation on which Houle continues to build its reputation, mission and vision.



Taïna is a renowned entrepreneur in Quebec’s coffee industry, respected as a key supplier of commercial coffee machines for businesses and restaurants. As was the case for so many, the pandemic took a bite out of the business. So, it was a great opportunity to take a 180º turn and start a B2C business focusing on the online sale of coffee and accessories via a website that she (and her collaborators) created in a single day.

We immersed ourselves into Taïna’s world to create packaging that would showcase the personality of the stylish and funky Coffee Queen brand, through its collection of coffee products (boxes) and bags.


We’ve been creating distinctive packaging for many years now. The work we did for Vahiné—as part of the Personnelle brand line of products—is a great example of that. It’s a welcoming invitation to visit Polynesia, featuring warm, tropical colours. Feminine, subtle and chic, the packaging is visually appealing and is intended as a nod to the beauty of women, to the beauty of nature.



The CSF 2019 Annual Report was produced with an extraordinarily festive flair.

The cover page is graced by a powerful visual designed for their 20th anniversary.

Our creative team gently rolled out this concept onto every page, using bold designs and bright colours, while maintaining a corporate feel, clearly aligned with the organization’s branding.

See the 2019 annual report



Following the redesign of Cogeco’s website, our team just completed the creation and design* of the new Community Involvement page for this fast-growing company.

Inspired by the visual identity we developed in 2016 and then refreshed in 2019, each section highlights the company’s social and community activities, initiatives and projects. So inspiring!

Check out the page on the company’s website

*In collaboration with Globalia for programming, development and web integration.


This year, La Maison Marguerite replaced its Annual Golf tournament with an online fundraiser, communicated by email and accessible through their website.

For this important occasion, we created an evocative visual that raises awareness of the isolation and loneliness that women in difficulty face.

The imagery, consistent with the brand image created for the organization, carries us to a bright, new future, one made possible in part through the success of the fundraiser.

Support La Maison Marguerite’s mission and make a donation.