The entire team at Cabana Séguin is proud to announce the creation of the new name and visual identity for EVLO, Hydro-Québec’s high-capacity, energy-storage subsidiary, serving electric utilities and the commercial/industrial markets.

At the heart of EVLO’s technology is a type of highly evolved battery chemistry, offering remarkable advances in safety and efficiency. As such, the need was obvious: an evocative, powerful, memorable name that was clear and simple, something with dynamics: a name with power!

Modern in its construction and phonetics, the word EVLO was inspired by two key ideas: the flow of energy required to produce the charge in a battery; and the evolution of a process designed to meet current and future energy-storage needs. A bilingual name, EVLO echoes flow and movement—key to this innovative technology, a solution in which Hydro-Québec has invested greatly and acquired significant expertise.

EVLO is a safe, cutting-edge, sustainable technology that’s revolutionizing the energy-storage industry. So, naturally, Cabana Séguin was thrilled about the opportunity to design its bold, distinctive visual identity. The choice of a sans-serif typeface that oscillated between upper and lower case was a natural, providing clear visual references to the chemical elements (lithium iron phosphate) used in EVLO’s batteries. In addition, the E and the o in the wordmark appear to float, illustrating the light-weight quality of lithium (the lightest solid element in the battery).

The logo is also clearly high-tech, with metallic gray—expressing the forward-thinking nature of EVLO’s process, and a clever nod to the colour of lithium—and neon orange, which relates to the energy stored by the process. The simplicity and power of the graphics platform is a testament to the expertise and reliability of EVLO. In all, it’s an elegant brand universe that reflects excellence, security and environmental responsibility.

About EVLO

Headquartered in Quebec and a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, EVLO Energy Storage Inc.
EVLO designs, delivers and operates energy-storage systems that help foster a greener future for our planet.

Pauline Mohorcic, Project Coordinator